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Ron Romancik was a fellow SOG Medic at FOB 1. The photos are his and all rights are reserved. You can read about my friend Ron in my book, as the commander of the "rat patrol" as well as the account of his daring "one man bright light" mission. In addition to his other talents, he has done a wonderful job depicting life as a SOG warrior in 1968 Vietnam. His photos  paint a wonderful collage of the country and the people that we fought to defend from Communist oppresion. Thanks Ron, for your service and the use of your photos.
Ron Romancik's Photos
Village Life, Phu Luong, Vietnam 1968Medicine CabinetUH-1 "Huey" Helicopter GunshipHuey GunshipHuey Gunshiplanding at FOB 1All the interior comforts a warrior could ever want.Door Gunner - Crew ChiefNuns headed to the Kingbee. I always knew those Kingbees were angels in disguise.Mike Tucker on a broken tile roof.UH-1 Huey Slick landing on the FOB 1 airstrip.Hue Citadel, sometime after TET 1968Vietnamese kids playing on a pipe over part of the Perfume RiverKingbee on FOB 1 airstripHue street sceneHue sceneWater Buffalo at work near Phu Luong, VietnamOfficer Parking, FOB 1Perfume River, Hue, VietnamHue street sceneCountryside/ricepaddies near Phu Luong. Note all the people seeking shelter in the shade of the only tree in sight,Ron's BunkShops in Hue CityThe PilotPhu Luong countrysideAmerican barraks, FOB 1The Marketplace, HueKids in Hue City"Lady" the camp mascot before she lost her leg in the old French minefield and was put down.Tet offensive Damage near Citadel, Hue CityFlying over the Area of Operation (AO)Under the water tank, FOB 1Buildings near Hue City, damaged by the Communists during the failed Tet offensiveCitadel, Hue CityThe BIG medicine cabilet...the Pharmacy, FOB 1 dispensaryTet offensive damage, Hue CityCity Life, Hue City 196802s on the Marine Airfield at Phu Bai, VietnamCatholic priests and nuns hitchin a ride.The Coast near Phu BaiDanang Harbor from a Kingbee. 30 caliber air cooled machine gun in the foreground.SOG Medic Bruce JohnsonRon Romancik on his bunk