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Ron Zaiss was my assistant team leader(One One) on ST New Jersey in 1968. The photos are his and all rights are reserved.
Ron Zaiss Photos, Vietnam 1968

Pete Boggs,Charles Borg John WaltonAward ceremony formation FOB 1SSG John Allen with the Hatchet ForcePete Boggs receiving Silver StarJohn AllenSSg John Allen with the Hatchet Force. The indigenous  soldiers are Cambodian mercenaries.DickeyFOB 1 Looking to the NWWater truck and FOB 1 water towerRay KahnFOB 1 Trenchline looking northwestRapelling practice for ST New JerseyFire in FOB 1 minefieldMinefield fire CH 46 in backgroundSMG HarrisFun in the Green Beret LoungePerry gets his ears lowered by the camp barber.Ambulance parked in front of the dispensary looking west,FOB 1 airstripST New Jersey's One One Ron Zaiss,  and One Two Rick Howard, Ready for war.50 caliber machine gun on the FOB 1 perimeterSpider ParksSpider Parks makes new friendsLilly, Worked as bartender in the Green Beret LoungsVillage of Phu Luong beyond the mine field and rice paddiesFootball anyone ?FOB 1 Awards ceremony, John Allen, SGM Harris and ? receiving Bronze Starleft to Right, ST New Jersey One One  Ron Zaiss and One Two Rick Howard with the S2 officer, ready to launchLeft to Right, Spider Parks, Hiep Nguyen and Khanh DoanPerry near the sand pile.Who took all the sandbags?Spider Parks FOB 1ChildersMike Tucker fires his CAR 15 at the range.Camp Interpreter George with SGM HarrisDoc Perry has the beer :-)Kingbee, Sikorski H34, on the FOB 1 airstrip. These helicopters, flown by Vietnamese pilots were our life line to the friendly skies and "home."Kingbees on the FOB 1 airstrip looking north.Ron Zaiss with two of the FOB 1 workersST New Jersey's One One Ron Zaiss with "Sonny" Ron Zaiss with George, ST New JerseyHenry KingSonny, ST New Jersey "tail gunner" on the range with his CAR 15Coolies, henry King and ?Washie Washie Bac Si?AhhRon Zaiss with chambermaid and camp workerSonny and ?Pat WatkingST New Jersey's Zero One, George with the camp interpreter GeorgeCitadel, Hue City, after TET 1968Sanpans on the Perfume River near Hue, Vietnam 1968