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Stephen Perry's Home Pages
I am a veteran of MACV SOG and the author of "Bright Light" The book is a compilation of true stories of the fearless and heroic men of SOG. These are stories of once Top Secret combat missions behind enemy lines in Laos and North Viet Nam. Photos taken in the camp or in the surrounding villages and countryside can be seen on the Photo pages. If you have already read "Bright Light" you may enjoy seeing some of the faces and places you read about in the book.

Thanks for ordering my book and GOD Bless America!

Stephen Perry
Basic Training, Fort Ord, California.Completion of Airborne "Jump School", Ft. Benning Georgia early 1966Earned my Green Beret. The White Flash is for Special Forces Training GroupSF medical class 67-1, OJT, Ft Rucker Alabama, jump time.Steve Perry and Max Winkler, Dog Lab 1967Photo taken by the author, while hanging suspended from his parachute, of one of his classmates "tailgating" a C130. Ft Bragg, North Carolina 1967Jumping with SF Medical Class 67-1, Normandy Drop Zone. Ft Bragg, North Carolina - earlly 1967George Sternberg, One Two MikeST OregonMike Tucker, One Zero, ST OregonSteve Perry, Mike Tucker, George Sternberg, FOB1 May 1968FOB1 Sr medic James VernonSteve working in the FOB1 labReducing a 106 degree malarial fever in a homemade bathtub/ice bath.Aerial view of FOB1, April 1968. The tents were to replace the buildings destroyed during TET offensive rocket attacksFOB 1 storage area during the monsoon rains 1968FOB1 Old French Bunker. Photo taken from the top of the rapelling tower.ST Idaho on the tarmac at NKP, North Vietnam Bright Light mission 1968. Americans in back row L to R Steve Perry, Glen Lane and Tim Kirk. Hiep in sunglasses and Mr. Tu on far right.Photographer unknown. L to R ?,?, ?, Bruce Johnson, Ron Romancik, ? This is the day that Steve Perry left FOB 1 for home. L to R, George Sternberg, Steve Perry, Mike Tucker , Joe AbrieleSteve Perry and Tim Kirk, Special Operations reunion, Orleans Hotel, Las vegas, Nevada 2009.Steve Perry and Bruce Johnson SOA reunion, Orleans Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada 2009.Charlie Berg, Steve Perry, SOAR 2009L to R George Sternberg, Steve Perry, SOAR 2009L to R Robert Shippen, Cowboy, Bruce Johnson, SOAR 2009Hiep
Many of my personal photos were lost or destroyed by water over the years, these are the ones that survived, Some were given to me by others and their rights are reserved.